Outlets in Milan. Part 1

Outlets in Milan


Once it was called Spacci, but for Milan to bring the charm of the eighties and nineties, this definition seemed too excessive and when translated into other languages the concept was disclosed not exactly.

It was so that, starting from the saving circle along Brenzett street, which was the first of Spacci Aziendali (a place of branded goods selling) of fashion brands, Milanese or international, such as Etro, Midali, Fusco, Levi’s, and then the advantage was given to the name, which comes from the USA – Outlet di Abbigliamento.

Despite the fact that the content remains the same, we are talking not about stores, but often about real wholesale warehouses of a large area where companies keep unsold stocks of previous collections. We are talking about ideal products or with some small factory defects, the only fault of which is to be too “out-of-date”, but these things are still beautiful, sometimes even better than those placed in the designer shop Windows in the city centre. In fact in the field of fashion it sometimes takes just a few months to become out-of-date!

And there’s nothing wrong about it, because from Armani long dresses for a mother to a pair of jeans for a student, somewhere between these two extremes there are all the clothes the people of Milan dream about, those who visit Outlet clothing stores in search of good-fit branded clothes, but primarily clothes sold at a discount!


Milan warehouse store in Bronzetti street is the closest to the central office and the first of those that were open, but the ones in Beato Angelico street or in Melegnano street now offer a generous range of knitwear collections from designer Martino Midali. It’s not just about sweaters, cardigans and hoodies, but also pants, coats, skirts and anything else that can be made of wool, in all possible colors and textures. All these elegant and classic clothes are left from previous collections. Discounts starts from 30% on last year’s items and up to 70% for older collections, but these clothes are always beautiful and elegant. Each warehouse has its own working hours, therefore it is a good idea to call in advance to make sure.

Where: Fratelli Bronzetti Street, 23 – Milan; tel. 02/75281039

Working hours: Mon. 15-19.30; Tue. and Fri. 10-13 and 15.30-19.30; Wed, Thur. and Sat. 10-19.30


We are talking about Factory Outlet – a famous clothing manufacturing company of designer Alberto Aspesi that specializes on down jackets and also on comfortable, sporty and elegant clothes. The warehouse offers products from the previous men`s, women`s collections and collections for children aged 4-16. Discounts start from 30% with a large selection of special offers on clothing for children and teenagers.

Where: Salvatore Quasimodo Street, 36 – Legnano; tel 0331/526411

Working hours:  Tue./Fri. 09:30 – 12:30; 14:00 – 18:15; Sat. 10:00 – 18:00; On Monday morning it is closed.


The stylist is famous for the clothing for ceremonies and official jackets. The first floor of the brand store is dedicated to women`s clothes with elegant evening dresses and classic suits. On the second floor the place is allocated for men with jackets and trousers of perfect sizes suitable for any event and numerous collections of knitwear are offered too. Discounts range from 30% to 50% on previous years collections, with greater discounts until the end of the series.

Where: Cashina Lavagna Street , 5 – Corsico; tel. 02/45100479

Working hours:  Tue./Sat. 10.00 -19.00


The company originated in 1938 as a small firm, but today the network of shops of Belmonte is one of the largest Italian chains of casual wear. Despite the name, there are not only shirts, but also pants, jackets, sets. This warehouse offers all the collections of previous years with discounts from 35%, with some items left after the end of the series, which are sold on special offers. With a classic commercial sensitivity larger discounts are offered when you buy 2-3 items of the same article, but of different sizes.

  Outlets in Milan. Part 2

Where: Luigi Settembrini Street, 11 – Milan; tel. 02/6692885

Working hours:  Tue./Sat. 09:30 – 19:00; On Monday morning it is closed.


It is one of the first stores in Milan reserved only for the participants, but the loyalty card is free and issued on the spot upon request. In the shop there are branded items, provided by manufacturers or distributors for the services of advertising or other services. Women`s, men`s, children`s clothing, of course, makes up the biggest share, but the range of goods is changed weekly depending on the supply. Despite this, there are fairly complete sets from trousers or jeans to shirts, jackets, sweaters, outerwear, sports clothing and the footwear also takes its important place. Also a variety of gifts and products for the home that range of which is changed every time are sold here too, sometimes also wine, champagne and liqueurs at very tempting offers. Prices are always very affordable, with discounts that reach 70% of the initial price.

Where: Lausanne Street, 46 – Milan; tel. 02/33605033

Working hours: Tue./Sun. 10:00 – 19:00; On Monday it is closed.


The brand specializes in sportswear and technical clothing, which is highly appreciated thanks to the silhouette and texture. The official prices for such products are usually very high, due to the high quality of design and materials, but in this discounter you will find a wide range of non-sold items from past collections. There is a package offer of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing from trousers and shirts to jackets and sweaters. There are also sports shoes and casual shoes. Price discounts start from 20% with the maximum price reduction for samples and last pieces of clothes from a line.

Where: Via Canonica, 28 – Milan, tel. 02/33600886

Working hours: Mon / Sat 09:30 – 12:30; 15:00 – 19:15


We are located in the heart of Milan’s cultural and business life. This discounter also operates in Seoul and Shanghai to the delight of its managers and Chinese customers. The list of brands sold here is too long to innumerate here, but it includes almost all the items we would like to buy when buying clothes at so low prices that anyone can afford absolutely everything. On the website you can see the products that are currently on sale, and, if necessary, book a table in the restaurant or one of 3 available hotel rooms. We have always admired the commercial potential of those who can get a lot out of nothing!

Where: Corso Como, 10 – Milan

Working hours: Mon / Tues closed; Wed / Fri 13: 00-19: 00, Sat / Sun 11: 00-19:00


This is the younger brother of a large discounter Osio Sopra, located next to Dalmine (the province of Bergamo), which occupies a large area in a shopping center. In Cisalfa Outlet located in the center of Milan next to the central station we can find all the collections of the famous brand of casual clothing and sportswear from shoes to sports suits and trousers, jackets, polos and hoodies, as well as highly specialized skiwear, clothes for tennis and other sports. We can find some offers for fitness equipment. In general, the discounts start from 30%, and in some cases – for the last items from the line or samples – they reach 70% of the price list price.

Where: Via Panfilo Castaldi, 5 – Cinisello Balsamo; Tel. 02/23 369702

Working hours: Mon / Sun 09:00 – 21:30