Guide to Shopping in Milan

Guide to Shopping in Milan

Some recommendations and tips to discover the capital of fashion and business

“Oh, my beautiful little Madonna, your beauty can be seen from afar, you are made of gold, little girl, you rise above Milan, the life is lived under you, no one is idle, everyone sings “Far from Naples you die”, but then they all come here to Milan”, – a popular song

Tourists who are going to visit Milan put themselves at risk to be surprised and confused, because Milan does not seem a city of art, which can caught up with Florence, Rome or Venice, this city is not famous for its archaeological remains or other valuable archaeological sites, relics of the past. But at the same time, at every step, at every corner of the historic center any tourist feels that they are at a certain point in history and there are many little stories near here.

Palaces, churches, streets and squares of Milan tell about the city that lived in the leden of noble families, the Visconti and the Sforza, but at the same time give a sense of the city, which is inhabited by ordinary people, citizens who realized something really important through their work and their feelings day after day.

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That is Milan. The city that for centuries has seen the best and worst times, which can offer the life itself, which accepted millions of people and migrants, trying to offer everyone an opportunity to live with dignity or to find redemption.

With “That’s Milan!” we wanted to honor this history and all the little stories, telling of the wonders of the past and the glamour of the XXI century, describing not only the magnificence of the paintings and works of art, but also the beauty which we can discover in entertainment, fashion, nightlife and, why not, in business.

Milan is a complex city, with thousands of faces, but at the same time with such a big heart.

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