Week-end in Lviv. What you have to know


Cultural Capital of Ukraine: the city where history and ancient architecture are closely intertwined with modern European culture and entertainment. A city where everyone will find something interesting and will want to come back. 

You are planning to spend week-end in Lviv and have some questions, the answers to which you would like to receive before you start to pack your bags and book the tickets? I will try to answer some of them.

Львов1Is it mostly rainy weather in Lviv?

Going to this city, the last thing you have to do before the trip – is to check the weather forecast. It never come true. About whimsical ladies say: “Your mood is changing, as the weather in Lviv.” Therefore, even if the weather forecasters predict rain – put it in a bag sunglasses and an umbrella in Lviv is a «must have» № 1.

But even if the rain will be a surprise for you – in the city center there are plenty of cafes, you watch the rain, savoring flavored drink. The main thing, in any case, do not try to hide from the rain under one of the old balconies, as many of them are in poor condition.

Львов2How to get to the city center?

Of the public transportation in Lviv there are bus service, taxi (minibus), trams and trolley buses, taxis. You will easily find a convenient route using a mobile application EasyWay.

From the airport to the city center runs a minibus № 49. In the center you can go on the Avenue of Liberty Square or Galician. This route runs in a circle, so it is important not to miss your stop.

From the railway station to the city center can be reached by tram: a perfect varint will route № 6. But if you have time to enjoy the ancient urban landscape – suggest take the tram №1, 9 or 10. The number 31 bus, taxi and 29 will take you from the train station to the downtown.

  Lviv in 48 hours. To see the most interesting!

The fare on the minibus or bus is 3-5 UAH (≈0,2 $), the tram 2 UAH (≈0,1 $)

Taxi prices in Lviv, in comparison with other cities of Ukraine, not the lowest. In order to save their own funds, it is advisable to book a car over the phone, in one of the services, where the final fare will be provided with the order. For Example,:

Taxi “Bravo” +38 (067) 378-07-07; (066) 254-88-77; (063) 844-11-77

Taxi “Pervoe” +38 (067) 849-88-33; (066) 955-28-55; (063) 723-05-5

The average fare around Lviv is 40-100 UAH (≈2-5 $)

Now most of the city paved bike trails, equipped with bicycle racks, so renting a two-wheeled friend you have the opportunity to feel the special atmosphere of the European city.

Львов3Where to stay?

There are a huge variety of hotels, hostels and apartments for rent in Lviv. Here everyone will find an option to your budget. And do not discard the options “not in the center” as a fairly good transport links and public transport runs until 22:00. IMPORTANT! When choosing an apartment, get to beware of scams.

Among the tourists coming to the city by their own transport, the most popular are comfortable hotels in the countryside.

Finally, the most disturbing question:


Львов4How the local population reacts on russian speaking tourists?

The vast majority of the local population, if not speaks, then at least understand Russian and Polish. The national composition of the residents of the city – this in addition to 90% of the Ukrainian – Russian, Poles, Jews, Armenians, and other less numerous nationalities. Overall, Lviv very welcoming and friendly people. After visiting the city, you meet interesting, sincere people and always want to come back.

Have a nice trip!

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