Top 5 Lviv cafes and pastry shops


You have heard a lot of times about the tasty, fragrant Lviv coffee, here you will find a countless number of coffee houses and the smell of coffee just hovering over the city. But not only for the coffee makes the people go to this city. The fame of Galician hostess, who prepared an incredibly delicious pastries flown almost half the world. Goodies from old recipes (which are sometimes more than 100 years), can still be enjoyed in the cafe of the city. Under the unique taste of each piece of the pie, cake or gourmet candies hiding the whole story, and carefully stored, sometimes, the secret recipe. Traditional Galician cuisine combines elements of Ukrainian, Polish, Austrian, Hungarian ievreyskoy. The pastries and desserts are widely used nuts, poppy seeds, apples, dried fruit, dairy products, coffee, chocolate, citrus fruits. Intrigued?  So, now will tell you where all this yummy to try- Top 5 Lviv cafes and pastry shops.

Kof1Coffee house “Galka”                                                                                                         
(Photos of this place
Address: Pavla Kovzhuna Str., 6 tel. (032) 272-68-40
Opening hours: 8.00 – 22.00

How to find: from the Shevchenko ave, opposite the “McDonald’s” turn left on the Tchaikovsky street and then you can go to the smell of coffee.
Try: coffee liqueur “Old Tallinn” Under the brand name “Galka” in Lviv operates known coffee factory, founded in 1932. Therefore, it is a corporate cafe, I recommend you start tasting flavored drink. Here, a large variety of coffee from different parts of the world with all sorts of flavors and additives. Someone says, “do not spoil the coffee sugar, and love marriage” concise and drinks espresso or American. And someone prefers a playful latte, mocha or cappuccino. Whatever you choose – the fun is guaranteed. Nearby is a coffee shop where you can purchase of grain and fragrant for a home tasting.

Kof2Coffee Shop “Arsenalnaya”
Address: Arsenalnaya Str., 7 tel. (032) 242-50-71
Hours: 09:00 – 22:00
How to find: next to the “Arsenalnaya” in the corner of the house is the entrance to a small cozy coffee shop.
Try: the white and dark chocolate with coconut liqueur, handmade chocolates “Sputnik”.

This cafe specializes in the hot chocolate and handmade chocolates. It will be clear from the very first pages of the menu, which occupies more than half of the list of chocolate works of culinary art. And the menu, you will know the history of each delicacy. Fantasia chocolate masters admired. More than 20 types of chocolates, and the same kinds of hot chocolate will not leave you indifferent.

The same delicacy you can try also at the the coffeehouse “Fresca” on the Krakow street. 9, near the Rynok Square. The name of this institution, dedicated to ancient frescoes, which still decorate the interior.

03Patisserie “Veronica”
Location: Shevchenko ave., 21; tel. (032) 298-60-28; (032) 261-44-56
Hours: 10:00 – 22:00
How to find: heading from the center of Shevchenko ave., left you will see a pastry shop with lace curtains on the windows.
Try: I would order all

  Legendary "Vernissage" - the market of handmade souvenirs and gifts

If there is a paradise for the sweet tooth, it is here.

All the mothers and grandmothers in Lviv, have had a special place on the bookshelf occupied cookbooks authorship Darya Tsvek. Being already in a rather advanced age, cooking Ukrainian Queen visited “Veronica” and handed cooks and confectioners of this institution its secrets.

The pastry shop you can not only enjoy fresh coffee and cake or a cake, but also to get a lakomstvas. A floor below is a gourmet restaurant of Galician cuisine.

strydelCafe «Strudel House»
Address: Sapozhnaya Str., 8 tel. (032) 294-82-06
Hours: 8:00 – 22:00
How to find: Sapozhnaya Street originates from the Rynok Square to the side of the fountain with Amphitrite.
Try: lattes and strudel with pears

None of the Austrian ladies had no chance of getting married if she could not bake strudel. A special technique of dough preparation for this cake requires a lot of skill and patience. And now, fragrant strudel glorifies the Austrian cuisine among the whole world.

The “Strudel House” breaks down the stereotype that it is only strudel dessert. The variety of toppings is not only sweet and fruit, but also vegetables, meat, fish, make this place a good place for a hearty breakfast or a delicious lunch.

syrnyk01Restaurant and pastry “Konditerskaya”
Address: Staroevreyska Str., 3 (032) 235-69-49
Hours: 08: 00-23:00
How to find: heading to the Opera on Liberty Avenue before reaching the statue of the Mother of God, turn left, go for the corner of the house and in front of us opens Staroevreyska street – it has a lot of cafes, restaurants with summer terrace, and it is located in the sweetest place Lviv “Konditerskaya”.
Try: poppies Rulyada “Viennese pancake”

Is it tasty and popular place and you will it realize by the photos of famous visitors on the walls and lack of a free table. Fortunately, during the warmer months working area in front of the restaurant.

It is incredibly large selection of treats. Be sure to try cheesecake, cheesecake because it is a traditional Galician dessert. Without him, still in the villages of Western Ukraine does not pass any holiday. The sweet taste of sweet pastries perfectly complement aromatic coffee.

Poppy Rulyada – a dessert that you’re guaranteed to have not tried before that day and, frankly, I do not know more than a place where you can try this yummy analogue. Heady rich taste poppy stuffing supplemented with nuts, is unlikely to leave you indifferent.

And you can buy sweets, and thereby make a wonderful tasty gift for friends or relatives.

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