Legendary “Vernissage” – the market of handmade souvenirs and gifts


A walk in the center of Lviv, you can make not only pleasant, but also useful to visiting the Legendary “Vernissage” – the market of handmade souvenirs and gifts. This is where you can find interesting things for family and friends. The market is located near the Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Solomiya Krushelnytska ; in front of the Maria Zankovetska Theatre.

R1The nearest public transport stops: Teatralnaya str. (the market Dobrobut), Opera and Ballet Theatre.

Hours: 10 to 19 in the summer and 17 in winter.

Before you go shopping, and I advise you to explore everything in order to distinguish the souvenirs of China’s authentic works of local artists.

On the “Vernissage” it is often possible to meet famous people. Indeed, sometimes ornaments of the Lviv artists complement the image of many Ukrainian TV presenters, actresses, singers. On the market there are incredibly beautiful antiques: beads, embroidery. The age of some more than 100 years. For charming ladies: a gift for Mom, wife, sister or a girl.

For charming ladies: a gift for Mom, wife, sister or a girl.

On the market there are a wide variety of handmade jewelry.

Traditional for Lviv artists are ceramic and wooden beads, charms, earrings. Not too bright colors, rich geometric designs make them unique and exquisite. Not to mention the gerdan – it’s incredibly delicate decoration Neck handmade beaded. Patterned on the Ukrainian embroidered decoration repeats. Gergana sometimes decorated with flowers, too, from the beads. Often, they are sold complete with earrings and bracelet.R2

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Leather products using stones will become not just a stylish accessory, but also a talisman. Copyright necklace, bracelet or hair ornament will give every woman the image of charm and will not leave her mistress ignored.

Many young artists, students, are presents their products from polymer clay, felt, wool, lace, metal in the “Vernissage”. It is better to see once than to read 100 times. Main feature of the “Vernissage” – here it is really possible to find exclusive thing, which is greater than on anyone not see.

Father’s heart melts at the sight of …

Handmade wooden pipe. Interestingly, sometimes even fantastically shaped, with the author’s carving. Experts say that it is best suited for a tube of fruit wood of fruit trees: pear, cherry. This, of course, more than decorative than practical thing and criticism – experienced smokers, unanimously expressed about the fragility of the wooden pipes. Therefore, in this article I’m not advocating smoking and remind Ukrainian proverb: “what kind of Cossack without the pipe?”.

And do not forget about yourself

In the central part of the “vernissage” you can buy paintings created by local artists. Here are a variety of techniques and themes. Just a breath away from the beauty: a picture painted in oils, acrylics, gouache, watercolor, variety of tapestries, drawings, paintings from the skin. Old streets and monuments, Carpathian landscapes, icons, flowers, animals, still life – difficult to resist the temptation to bring along a piece of the city.

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