What to do in Kiev. The St. Andrew’s descent or where to buy handmade gifts and souvenirs


In every city there is a street or area, which brings together artists and masters for the production of everything or just creative people. In Paris, this area is called Montmartre, in London – Camden or Portobello Road market, well Kiev is pleased to invite you to the St. Andrew’s descent (Andreevskiy Spusk). Here you can find a variety of handmade gifts, souvenirs, unique items and, of course, to admire the beautiful architectural creations of old Kiev. In this article, we will tell you what to do in Kiev, what to buy and what to see on St. Andrew’s descent.

The best time to go to Andrew’s Descent is weekend. There are will be a lot of idly walking people but much more chances to buy something really interesting too.

Андреевский1Let’s begin our walk from Vladimirskaya street (a 15-minute walk Golden Gate and Independence Square metro stations). Even at the very beginning of Andrew’s descent there is a feeling that you’re in an art gallery. This all because for many years artists coming here to represent their creations. Prices are also very different from 350 UAH for the Андреевский2canvas and 8-10 thousand UAH. And even if the purchase is not included in your plans yet – just watch and admire.. We are highly recommend.

Next orderly settled trays with all sorts of goods from the Soviet (well, some foreigners are very like all this stuff ) and Ukrainian symbols. What is there just can not be found – from budenovka-hats with a red star to the present astronaut helmets, we can not even mention the incredible amount of various magnets, badges and clubs.

But we also recommend you to raise your gaze from the shelves, because, as we have already mentioned, Andrew’s Descent is not just a market, but also a street with an interesting history and architecture. Note the beautiful St. Andrew’s Church, built in 1754 by the famous Italian architect Francesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli. And if there is some reason you do not want to go inside (which is in vain, because the church is really beautiful), climb up on a platform near the temple – you will be amazed with a view of the breathtaking Kiev there.

Enjoyed the stunning view?  Come on down between the trays and noisy sellers. And the lower you go down to Podol, the more you can see there not just the traditional Ukrainian gifts (mace, vyshyvanka or a wreath), but also unique handmade souvenirs. It can be a variety of jewelry, hair clips and bags made of leather, wood paintings, various forged items, embroidered, hand-painted silk scarves and more incredible variety of gizmos, about the existence of which you never knew before. No one can leave this place without at least one bought souvenir:)

Андреевский3Well, when you get tired of shopping and fairly steep descent (for the girls on high heels will not be easy to walk there) visit one of the museums located on the Andrew’s Descent. To choose from – Bulgakov Museum (a truly mystical and interesting building), the Museum of one street (not difficult to guess which one), Memorial House-Museum Kavaleridze, climb up the mysterious forged stairs leading to the Zamkova Mountain (every Kiev citizen can show you where it is). You can have a snack or a cup of coffee (well, maybe something stronger) in one of the many cafes that attracts you with the heady aromas and soft music.

Pleasant walks and interesting shopping!


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