What to do in Kiev? April 25-26, you should visit the market “Vsi. Svoi”


What: “Vsi. Svoi “first market devoted exclusively to clothing, shoes and accessories from young Ukrainian brands.

Where: Gallery D12 (Desyatynna str. 12)

When: 25-26 April 2015

You like markets and festivals, but you tired of seeing the same few brands on each event? Нou can’t buy the clothing you liked, because there is no fitting room? Or just cannot get through to the tray?

If you have been in such situations before, then you certainly need to visit this year’s first market – “Vsі.Svoї.”

11057317_392764900903575_8192000570210719910_n“Vsi. Svoi – is a series of new activities (markets), in which the organizers plan to collect all the Ukrainian brand clothes and show them to the audience. It is a launching pad for promoting young Ukrainian brands of clothes, shoes and accessories. By the way, the organizers came to the selection of participants responsibly and carefully. Today there are nearly 700 (!!!) brands in their base. An excellent choice if you don’t know what to do in Kiev!

Ukrainian fashion – it’s not just t-shirts and hoodies – the founders market says. This interesting lingerie, calm day-dresses, excellent jeans and unique shoes. You can be wear in the Ukrainian clothing from head to toe.

  4th charity fair The New Old Barakholka will be held on June 7!

Market will be held in several steps, the participants will be different – every time new faces will be presented, leaving, of course, regulars and favorites of the audience to eventually collect all. About one market will be held every 1-2 months. Watch the announcements on our website.

Why the market “Vsі.Svoї” is worth to be visited?

This is a great opportunity to refill your wardrobe with the new clothing and find a new favorite brands

On this market will be represented only the clothing producers, footwear and accessories. No utensils, postcards or other trifles.

Very good location – big and bright hall gallery.

Vsі.Svoi – is the temporary multi-brand store, with plenty of fitting rooms and mirrors

Excellent alternative to exhausting shopping weekend: clothes, music, food and a summer terrace with a sitting area.

The list of brands that will participate in the first event is constantly updated. By the way, the organizers offer a lot of surprises and giftsto the visitors –  do not miss it! Stay tuned and find out all the details of the event in the official group “Vsі.Svoї” on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/vsi.svoi

We are excited about the first market, and you?


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