On June 21, you’ll get a new Kyiv Market 9.1.1.


What: Kyiv New Market 9.1.1.
Where: our local ” Kiev South Coast” (known to you as the club “Hangar”). Located in Park Road
When: June 21, 2015 from 10:00 to 02:00

In the summer we all want the sea or the ocean. While we’re dreaming of the ocean we forget about the ocean in Kiev. And not just the ocean, but the ocean of all the good or Kyiv Market 9.1.1. This time the guys have chosen not quite the usual location, but this more interesting. We are already in anticipation.

KM3So, what awaits us at the Kyiv Market 9.1.1. New Kyiv Market – the ocean of good communication, love for their city, art, music, children’s entertainment, food, old and new goods, furniture, decor, books and activities. Of course, our attention is attracted by a traditional fair. If you think that this is the usual flea market you should definitely attend the event and make sure – it is not. There are going to sellers of antiques andKM1 vintage things and masters, offers a completely new, unique and original things of its own production. T-shirts (which is important in the summer more than ever), leather handbags, wallets, shoes, dresses, jewelry and all sorts of goodies (peanut butter, jams, various cakes and sweets). Fair and activity (you can not only muse, but also to take part in master classes) will last until 20:00. After 20:00 you will find live music and beach party.

  What to do in Kiev? April 25-26, you should visit the market “Vsi. Svoi”

KM2It should be noted that Kyiv Market 9.1.1. it is not fair and not a flea market in its purest form. People come here to socialize, learn new things, to feel part of the big city and fair atmosphere. You expect (besides the fair) clean beach, amateur sports tournament, children’s section, DJ sets, workshops, charitable sector, food and bar, live music and a party at the river at sunset.

All items on the event link https://www.facebook.com/kyivmarket

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