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We all like spring and summer not only for warm weather, bright sun, blooming flowers and juicy fruits. In those two seasons the streets of Kiev transformed due to the large number of girls in bright, stylish, light dresses – just a kaleidoscope of beauty and good taste. If you also belong to those girls who are circling the man’s head and cause an easy envy women with their dresses, then this article is definitely for you. As long as the weather is not warm enough, it’s time to go shopping and choose a couple of different outfits for the spring and summer.


What to buy: dresses, tunics, blouses, skirts, shirts

Nearest metro station: Lva Tolstogo

Location: Lev Tolstoy Square, 1 (50 meters diagonally left from the Metrograd exit)

Hours: 9:00 to 21:00

Website: http://tmvovk.com/

Who said that business style is boring, strict dress? Young designer Tatyana Vovk dispels this stereotype with her every new collection.

In this store you can buy a dress, skirt or blouse for every occasion in your life. Going to a business meeting? An excellent choice would be turquoise silk blouse (480 UAH.) And black pencil skirt (450 USD). On Friday, you can safely wear emerald dress shirt (390 UAH.). It will be suitable in both cases: office with a light blouse and a cafe or a club with friends in the evening. And, of course, the classic of the genre – the long dress. Such models of TM VOVK are the most beloved by the girls in our editorial. And how not to love it, when even the most inveterate tomboy in a long red dress (890 USD.) just in one moment looks like a princess. Intrigued? Then rather go to the store, because the collections have a limited amount of goods.

ФловерЧикFlowerChic Studio

What to Buy: dresses, dresses and dresses again! And also amazing floral headbands, headbands, hair clips and rubber bands.

Nearest metro station: Universitet

Address: Zhilyanskaya Str., 59, Diplomat Hall

Hours: Mon-Fri from 11:00 to 19:00, Saturday 10:00 to 18:00

Website: http://www.flowerchic.com.ua/

The history of the brand began with the creation of the unique hair accessories – flower headbands. Who would have thought then that as a result of the major creations of the company will be women’s clothing. The founder of the brand FlowerChic, Anastasia Burmakina, confident that the girls do not have anything better then bright, feminine dress decorated with flowers that complements the beautiful accessory. And believe me, this girl knows what she is talking! Studio FlowerChic is sort of a girly paradise in Kiev with bright, sensual dresses for cheerful and positive-minded girls. By the way, the spring collection from FlowerChic filled with bright colors and is designed to create the most natural image of women as a spring flower. Costumes with floral prints, coats with raised patterns and dresses to the floor – the main tendencies of the brand collections. Everything is made of natural materials and, last but not least, all FChandmade.

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Do you want to be a bright and individual? Then you just should not miss this wonderful place (store just do not dare to name :-) You can come here with friends, chat, have a drink or a delicious cocoa or tea with cinnamon, choose an unusual floral dresses, make a selfie in the bright wreath on the background of the beautiful wall bulk flowers. And of course, to buy one or more dresses (cost varies from 2,000 to 2,500 UAH).

And our favorite in the studio that you can fit any model of a figure, and make small changes in the model you choose (length, lining, sleeve style, cutout, etc.) this is really wonderful.


What to buy: designer clothes, bags, accessories

Nearest metro station: Zoloti Vorota

Address: Yaroslav Val 21L (entrance through the arch from the street. Honchar 26)

Hours: c 12:00 to 20:00

Website: do not have yet, so use the Facebook page https: //www.facebook.com/tkaniitalia

Lavochka is a Ukrainian fashion designers showroom. Elly & Ego Bo, Volokhova, Posh, Marina Muliar, Alexander Dets – it is only a small part of the authors represented here. If you’re not familiar with any of these names – then just go in Lavochka. Many things here are even surpass famous Lavocka2brands, in many ways.And since we are looking for dresses, we will focus on them. So, here you can buy a black and white dress or modest dress office in small cells with blue karmashkai (Volokhova, 1800 UAH.), Well or quite
unbelievable patriotic mini-dress from the artist Alexander Dets. Almost all the things in a single copy, so do not hesitate for long. Being a unique easy – just only to find her dress.

Oh, and do not forget to pay attention to the area with shopping bags – there is something that worth to look on.

We wish you a pleasant shopping experience and of course to be irresistible!

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