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At all the dislike of men to shopping (yes, yes, we remember those bored faces in stores), they still care about the question, “Where to buy men’s clothes in Kiev” It is desirable that the shopping process was fast, no stress and productive, right? We decided to make a selection of brands and men’s clothing stores in order to facilitate the process of shopping for our dear men.

What to buy: menswear casual (shirts and jerseys)
Address: brand products can be purchased in stores, “Rear Window», Underwood Store, UaMade (Globe, 1 line), PODVAL art store (Khreshchatyk 46a)
Website: https://www.facebook.com/castorwear

Do you like the casual style of dress? You definitely should pay attention to this brand. Here you will not find raglans and T-shirts with the Ukrainian national symbols which are so popular now, but you will certainly find some interesting clothing for every day. The philosophy of the brand is very close to us – the humane treatment of animals and respect for nature. She is the founder of the brand to the main source of ideas and inspiration. Starting with print T-shirts for friends, they gradually grew into full-fledged brand. By the way, in the ancient Greek Castor – Bobr (mighty warrior) in Latin Bobr- is a well-known inhabitant of the forest, a hard worker and humorist.

We hope that soon the CASTOR WEAR will surprise us with expansion of the product line, and more colorful and interesting things. In the meantime, you can buy here stylish, high-quality t-shirt for 290.00 UAH, or a stylish raglan.

SMSeven Mountains
What to buy: pants, shorts, shirts, casual outerwear
Address: brand products can be purchased in stores Underwood Store, UaMade (Globe, 1 line)
Website: https://www.facebook.com/7mntns

The founder of the brand Sergei Sivetsky (already an experienced entrepreneur in light industry of Ukraine) last year decided to create a new brand Seven Mountains. The ideaSM1 came after the market analysis of men’s clothing – there are many different kinds of T-shirts, but with men’s jackets and trousers the situation is complicated. Well, now it’s fixed – collection Seven Mountains contain the most convenient and functional anoraks, parkas and jackets. Prices are from 890 to 11,000 UAH. In addition, the factory (now the staff is more than 80 people) produces high quality and really stylish trousers (630 UAH.) And shorts (550 UAH). We should note also the unique jerseys and hats.

What to buy: mega stylish clothes from the Ukrainian brands
Address: Str. Pushkinskaya, 11 (metro st. Theatralnaya)
Website: https://www.facebook.com/injir.ua

Now the streets of Kiev more and more stylishly dressed guys which are certainly stand out from the crowd – well, this is a good tendency. If you’re one of them (or want to become one), then you certainly should not pass by this atmospheric shop on Pushkinskaya str. This “oasis of style” ing1prepared a lot of interesting for you. For example, clothing brands such as Scotch & Soda (the Dutch are making cool T-shirts, shirts and jackets), No Excess (also Dutch, pleasing with the quality jeans, T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts and T-shirts), Homecore (German brand of sweaters, jackets, pants), LEN’ Clothing (Ukrainian youth brand with a pretty original outlook on jackets or trousers), Mouli (for example, excellent T-shirt with a hood) and many other no less interesting brands. The prices range, so let’s call some guidance – jeans about 800 UAH., jacket 1400-2500 UAH., shirts 290-600,00 UAH. Pay attention to the backpacks (1600.00 UAH.) And bags-belts (400,00 USD.) And also, now discount time in the InZhir up to 30%, so definitely check it out.

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What to buy: classical trousers, jackets, shirts, suits
Address: store brand can be found at
SEC «Gulliver», SEC «Gulliver» Sportivnaya Sq., 1A
Discount: Artema Street, 12
Arber, st. Mezhigorskaya 3
TC “Arkadia”  Borschagivska street., 154a
TRC “Ukraine” Pobedy Square, 3
SEC “Komod”  Lunacharskogo street., 4a
Website: http://arber.ua/

Not only a casual style exists in men’s fashion and sooner or later every man will need the classical style clothing. So then we strongly recommend you to pay an attention to our brand Arber. A distinctive feature of all models of the brand – a perfect cut, quality materials and attention to detail. And of course, a decent selection of clothing business and casual style (well, so far without it nowadays). What exactly you can choose in one of 80 stores (that is how much they all over Ukraine). For example, a great suit from 2 000.00 UAH. Coat or jacket from 1499.00 UAH. (not quite pertinently in the summer, but in the autumn-winter, you definitely should remember about Arber). If you do not like to wear the suits, but sometimes you have to appear at the office or in a meeting in a jacket and a tie, here a great variety of the men’s clothing to suit every taste. By the way, recently added to the line brand footwear. We love summer models moccasins (1 259,00 UAH.). What else is nice – brand pleases with the seasonal sales and discounts, so do not miss it!

We hope our review has been helpful. Enjoy your shopping!

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