Unusual souvenirs from Kiev


Apart from the traditional magnets, mugs, vyshyvanka (national t-shirt) and goods with the Ukrainian symbolics we offer you the unusual souvenirs from Kiev. In this article we will tell you what, where and how to buy, to make your trip to the capital of Ukraine memorable not only because of the bright pictures you’ve made, but also successful acquisitions.


What to buy: an unusual home decor

Address: brand products can be purchased in the store UaMade (TC Globus, 1st Line)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Bureaucrafts

When you hear such word as “desk lamp”, that is likely to imagine a conventional lamp with a lampshade or ultra-modern. But certainly you can hardly think of a lamp made from the Лампа1residue of the steel pipe. Or maybe your imagination draws a lamp made of plywood in the shape of a deer, a cat … or a chair? Also no? But Kyril Stekhin’s imagination (founder of creative studio Bureaucraft) not only able to come up with original features home decor, but also to realize everything in life. Even the most seemingly unsuitable and unnecessary things he is able to use for the production of something cool. Needless to mention that this is really unusual and unique souvenir from Kiev? Especially people who like the industrial style will be happy about this presents.


What to buy: plaids with leather strap, a candle in the original packaging, decorative pillows

Nearest metro station: Zoloti Vorota

Address: Zolotovorits’ka Str. 6A, office 8, you can also buy the products here:

Frunze st., 102, “Creative Space 12”

Mykola Lysenko st., 3, “Teamo”

Website: http://woolkrafts.com/

Do you like high-quality and stylish clothes? Well, then you just can’t skip the products of this store. They are experts in the high-quality things (blankets made of natural materials), and style (just look at the goods on the site, and questions about the style will disappear by themselves). Brand slogan «Share warm emotions» fully implemented in production – warm blankets, candles and lovely original pads certainly will give a warm and pleasant emotions. Plaidwoolkrafts2 multifunction thing: to decorate the interior, warm in the cool evenings, and will come in handy for a picnic and a hike – and therefore also suitable for a souvenir perfect. The creators of the brand Oleg Mikhailov and Yaroslav Yakovenko (friends since childhood) accurately know a lot of excellent and high quality products. We are convinced of this after spending one Sunday weekend with plaid Woolkrafts, which is very comfortable to wear on the shoulder. In addition to a good rest, we got nice photos

  Shopping in Kiev. Where to shop the unique Ukrainian souvenirs


What to buy: wooden bow ties

Location: products can be purchased in the Underwood store

Website: http://flinders.uaprom.net/

Along with the fashion for retro the popularity to the bow tie returned.. They have become an inherent part of hipsters and educated youth (after all, be smart now really fashionable). But ordinary butterfly you can buy anywhere, but we are talking about unusual souvenirs, it means that the bow ties in our review will be special, made of wood. Yes, yes, we were surprised to see this wooden accessory too (made of oak). You can pick up the bow tie of completely different size, with an unusual design and a fabric knot in the middle of your favorite color. The cost of such beauty 250.00 UAH. It looks so cool, this bow tie is the most unusual accessory.

We wish you pleasant and unusual purchases!

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