Shopping in Kiev. Where to shop the unique Ukrainian souvenirs


Arrived to the foreign country, we go shopping and always looking for something traditional and authentic, for some souvenirs to buy. It can be clothing, accessories, elements of the interior, almost anything, but the main point – it should be designed in national style. And if this souvenir has the practical use, this is modern, multifunctional thing, then usage of it will be the real pleasure for you as the memories of the country it been bought. Today we’ll tell you about the places for shopping in Kiev, where you find the trendy and unique things, designed in the national style.


09-02-v3-01-1-293x455What to buy: T-shirts and dresses with prints of young Ukrainian artists

Nearest Metro: Lukyanivska

Address: Kiev, Nagorna Str. 22 (office № 508)

Hours: Mon-Fri 09:00 to 18:00 h


Oleg Zagrebnoy (the founder of the brand) merged into a single entity the incompatible at first glance things – the street art, modern art and ancient Ukrainian traditions. Newkraine is the brand which unites the talanted Ukrainian artists, and by their sketches the proficient masters creating not just T-shirts or dresses, but works of art. This is really unique and elegant clothing. Well, where else can you shop the clothes with printed image of borsch on it (beloved by ukrainians and and foreigners dish). The cost of such T-shirts is 379 UAH. (designer Anton Hauk, consists of  100% cotton). Girls our editorial office just delighted with the T-shirts and sweatshirts with the prints of 13508_874534015937868_4940542530651722015_nthe cutest rabbits, kitties and national symbols in delicate flowers on it. . Raglan for women with the print of “Winter Purring-Kitten” from the designer Alexandra Kryazheva costs 650 UAH (100% cotton). Brand is very attentively monitors the developments in Ukraine and quickly realizes trends in their collections, while the quality of things always remains at a high level. Perhaps that is why, the Newkraine clothing is very popular not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. For example, Richard Brendson bought a T-shirt Newkraine. The main purpose of brand popularization of modern Ukrainian art and culture of the country. They are really good at it! We are waiting impatiently for their own shop in Kiev opening.

  Leather purses, bags and notepads - shopping in Kiev


11046375_322319747958556_4122937043632532220_nWhat to buy: T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, passport covers, cases for smartphones depicting various fantasy creatures from the Ukrainian fairy tales

Nearest metro station: Lva Tolstogo, the Palats of Sportu

Address: Baseyna Str. 2 “A”, office 20


How often, shopping the souvenirs in foreign country, we have bitterly found the inscription “made in China” on it? This fact is distressed the Olena Klepko too (ideological mastermind brand 11054831_323699924487205_5525815686723794366_nDivo). Being a creative and ambitious woman Olena decided to create a wonderful brand of souvenirs, which will represent Ukraine. She took her inspiration from the Ukrainian folklore, which is extremely rich in all sorts of magical beasts, birds, and fairy tale creatures. Ancient Ukrainian Leo, Leo Dniprovsky, Sunny Eagle, Water Snake (by Merited Master of Folk Art Olga Berdnik-Otnyakinoy) is only a small part of the characters who live on T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags and souvenirs of Divo. Prices are more than 11012740_318817174975480_7947779846394522121_nreasonable. For example, a set of “Starodavnіy Lion”, which includes a T-shirt, a mirror and a card, will cost you 430 UAH. Long sleeve blouse depicting the “Goat-beauty” can be purchased for 390 UAH. And men raglan with fantastic heroes – 650 UAH. All images are somehow connected with the history of Ukraine, however, thanks to the modern approach seamstress, look relevant today. Make sure and visit the Divo website or go and check their shop in Kiev. By the way, carefully read the description of each Divo-being. We are sure that you will discover a lot of interesting of Ukrainian folklore.

 We wish you a pleasant shopping!

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