Choosing a women’s clothing store in Kiev


Do you work in the office and come in jeans and a T-shirt is a sign of bad taste? In this well, you do not have time to look for a women’s clothing store where you could buy the right dress or blouse. Then the following review you will love. We have gathered the brands that are simply created for women, languishing at work and chained rules of the dress code.

LetterKLetter K

What to buy: not dull office dress

Nearest metro station: Klovska, Arsenalna

Address (showroom): Klovsky descent, 4a

Hours: Tue-Fri from 16.00 to 20.00, Sat-Sun from 12.00 to 18.00


Business style we associate usually with black and white colors and clean lines. But if we approach the matter with imagination, even dressing according to a strict dress code, you will be feminine, bright and original. The creator of the brand Letter K, Catherine Turchinskaya, certainly knows a lot about office dresses, Без-имени-12-2-510x652since before the opening of his business, she led department at a large bank. Kate spent many hours in search of a decent dress for a business meeting, after which he decided to found this wonderful brand. Here you can pick up a dress for almost every day

weeks. For example, on Monday to win fellow in a white cotton dress with buttons on the back (the cost of 1 070,00 UAH.), And on Friday put on coquettish silk mint color (value 1 250.00 UAH.). By the way, all models are made exclusively from natural materials. That is good news – it’s nice when the brand more and care about your health (tell why it is useful to wear things made of natural fabrics do not have to :).


What to buy: shirts

Address: today brand products can be purchased in concept- store «Okno Vo Dvor” and the show-room “482”

Website: do not have yet, so use the  Facebook page https: //


What business style without a shirt. And we are not talking about men, of course. Girls also love this article of clothing. But ordinary sewing shirts boring and not interesting, the founders decided to brand Inshi Victoria Nikolenko and Catherine Lysenko. Therefore, the girls created a line of clothing that will be relevant and in the office and on the walk home. Shirts by Inshi really universal. You’ve scheduled a meeting in the morning? Put on shadeless pastel shirt (750 USD), a skirt or trousers and shoes with heels. Scheduled for the evening stroll, well, how can we doInshi2 without a turquoise shirt with elongated flirtatious cut-triangle on the back (the cost of 1 100,00 USD). Under the jeans and sneakers ideal. Do you like to dresses? And in this case, the girls have something to offer you. For example, a shirt, tunic (850, 00 UAH). It is possible to come to the office on Friday or go for a walk in the day. Victor and Kateryna carefully monitor the quality of fabric and fashion trends, so the collections are always interesting and made of cotton, linen and silk.

  Where can we buy men's clothes in Kiev

Now the girls are thinking of starting their own showroom and, of course, develop, more and more models of shirts. What we are incredibly amazing, because, well, you can still come up with new shirts, we thought. It turns out very, very much.


What to buy: trousers, blouses, dresses

Address: today brand products can be in the showroom, “482” and store Uamade (TC “Globe”, 1st line)


Even the name of the brand suggests that here you do not meet the strict business suit. The Casual you can buy dresses, skirts, shirts and outerwear. And if the dress code in your office does not prescribe only wear pencil skirts below the knees and a white blouse, then you can safely choose new clothes here. Give special attention to trousers – light-free model (narrowed down) made of natural fabric with pockets on the sides Casual2(450, 00 UAH.). Ideal as a combination with a shirt or a blouse and a shirt.

Also this season, well, can not do without fluffy skirt-midi, which emphasizes and visually reduces the waist, perfectly complements the wardrobe combined with very different clothes (tops, blouses, T-shirts), and virtually any shoes. Casual presents to your attention several options skirts of different colors (cost 600.00 USD), which perfectly fit into the office dress code.

Well, you’re convinced that the business style can be different? We hope that our article will help you replenish your wardrobe, and even in business meetings in the office to remain bright and feminine.

We wish you a pleasant shopping!

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