The most striking sights of Istanbul. Istanbul Versailles


After touring the main attractions of Istanbul, I advise to go to the embankment Kabatas where one more legend of the Ottoman Empire is waiting for – white Dolmabahce Palace or Istanbul Versailles.

This is a real Versailles in the heart of Istanbul! Dolmabahce different from the medieval architecture of the Sultan Topkapi Palace, which you probably already saw. It was built in neo-baroque to the surprise and envy of the Europeans XVIII century. Dolmabahce Palace – one of the most striking sights of Istanbul. The lovely view of the Palace can be admired from the shore and from the Bosphorus Strait.

Долмабахче2Interesting that, earlier this place was a bay, but then it has been “buried” under the ground and the area turned into a beautiful garden with peacocks, fountains, ponds and sculptures of animals. Translated “Dolmabahce” just means “the poured on garden.” Ever since the palace was build the six sultans, presidents of Turkey and revered statesman Mustafa Kemal Ataturk were lived there, and since 1984 Dolmabahce has been opened for tourists.

At the entrance you’ll find the Watchtower with watch mounted  in it many years ago and which is still working. I advise you to immediately clarify the time of a group excursions at the cashier because a visit to the internal halls of the palace is possible only with a guide. Taking photographs is prohibited there.

Selyamlyk – is the main two-story building of the Dolmabahce, the male half of it, which is connected with the female Harem. There are 285 rooms and 44 halls in the palace. In the main ceremonial hall you will see one of the largest and heaviest in the world chandelier brought from Britain. But it’s not the only luxurious decoration. It is necessary to turn your eyes on the famous crystal staircase in the shape of a double horseshoe, an Iranian carpet, Egyptian clock, beautiful parquet, Turkish vase. All these objects of interior shines with its grandeur, as well as 150 years ago.

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In the palace you have a chance to look on the amazingly beautiful gates: the majestic main gates – Treasure, mysterious Northern gates and romantic Eastern gates. The last ones are very fascinating and breathtaking, because the Bosphorus splashing beneath! Years ago, ships sailed to this gates with the enthusiastic guests on a board.

Soothing sound of the tiered fountain with a swans – the perfect completion of walks in the gardens and bamboo долмабахче3groves of Dolmabahce. If you have some time left, you should definitely see the Clock and Watch Museum, which houses a large collection of sultan.

Dolmabahce Palace is the small island of a powerful country historyIt stores the triumphs and defeats, the secrets of the palace and the harem intrigue.

How to get there:

On the European side of Istanbul – blue-line T1 tram to the last stop Kabataş, with Asian – a ferry to the dock Kabataş. The palace is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 16:00.

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