Weekend in Istanbul, between the two parts of the world in 48 hours


Istanbul attracts millions of tourists from around the world because of its originality and diversity. Sounds, smells, colors of Istanbul – all this fascinates from the first minutes of your stay in the city.

You can even spend the entire vacation, enjoying fantastic views of the Bosphorus, choosing another one trinket at the Grand Bazaar, feeding gulls with simit and stroking cats, which are everywhere. But in order to really fall in love with Istanbul, we can not ignore its attractions, which are no less breathtaking than the famous Rome or Paris.

You are lucky if you have to spend at least a week in Istanbul, because you will see many historical beautiful sights that will impress you for years to come. But what if the tickets are bought only for the weekend in Istanbul and you want to “go further than the wall” and look at all of the places of interest, and also find some time for shopping?

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The most striking sights of Istanbul. Istanbul Versailles


After touring the main attractions of Istanbul, I advise to go to the embankment Kabatas where one more legend of the Ottoman Empire is waiting for – white Dolmabahce Palace or Istanbul Versailles.

This is a real Versailles in the heart of Istanbul! Dolmabahce different from the medieval architecture of the Sultan Topkapi Palace, which you probably already saw. It was built in neo-baroque to the surprise and envy of the Europeans XVIII century. Dolmabahce Palace – one of the most striking sights of Istanbul. The lovely view of the Palace can be admired from the shore and from the Bosphorus Strait.

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