Weather in Istanbul. In what season it is best to visit the city


Weather never affects mood and stay in Istanbul. Tested! However, each of the season in this city has its own characteristics, the knowledge of which will help to choose the best time to travel.

The romantics should pay their attention on April, because in this month in Istanbul hosts the annual Tulip Festival. The spectacle will amaze even the most experienced traveler – blooming and fragrant streets, parks, highways and ordinary backyard! Millions of tulips of different varieties bloom in the first days of April, delighting residents and tourists an incredible kaleidoscope of colors and smells.

pogods-v-stambule2You can go in earlier date – for the holiday March 8, for example. But note that in the early spring weather in Istanbul unstable, the temperature can range from 0-4 to 17-20 degrees for one weekend and be accompanied by a strong sea breeze and drizzle. So do not be lazy to take both heat and very summer clothes to enjoy Istanbul with comfort. But based on my experience, I recommend to all not to rush and go in April, will not regret it!

In summer, be prepared for the day temperatures around 40 degrees and a lot of people in the tourist areas. It has its advantages: you can relax on the beaches and visit the annual Istanbul Shopping Fest, which is usually held in June. During this period, the airline Turkish Airlines often pleases shoppers increase in baggage allowance is 2 times!

Summer – a time of religious fasting residents of Turkey. In practice, Ramadan does not affect the tourist life of the city, but still needs to show special respect for the pilgrims in the places of concentration of Islamic holy places. In the evenings you can still face the fact that in cafes and restaurants difficult to find free space and limited the sale of alcohol.

Autumn – a magnificent season in Istanbul. All the beauty of the city are surrounded by golden leaves, the weather is stable and warm. At this time, Istanbul stores like memories of summer and the cold weather does not penetrate into stambul_zimoythe palaces thereof holdings. October 29 the city celebrates the anniversary of the proclamation of the Turkish Republic. Day parade is usually held in the evening – a grand fireworks display over the waters of the Bosphorus, which can be observed on board one of the ships plying regularly.

Winter in Istanbul mild but rainy. If you go for the New Year, do not forget an umbrella, better rubber

Shoes. But there are also surprises of nature – heavy snowfall, which paralyzed the city until the power outage and stop all traffic.

One thing remains unchanged – Istanbul is beautiful in any season!

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