Vintage shops in Istanbul


If you are a mega-fan of antiques, or just crazy about all sorts of vintage stuff there are a huge number of shops in Istanbul, where you will feel just in seventh heaven. Moreover, how could it be otherwise in such a wonderful city, with an incredibly complex and interesting history, a town located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, many cultures has left their mark on the city.

Vintage “freaks” are aware that the process of hunting for unique thing is just as fascinating as its possession. Plunge into the atmosphere of the past, touch the creations of these artists feel the excitement of the search of the only thing. Vintage shops in Istanbul are waiting for you. Well, we begin our journey?



Location number one is, without a doubt, Cukurcuma – the abode of the best vintage shops and antique shops. This trending site is located in the trendy district of Cihangir, it consists of a tangle of streets with an incredible amount of vintage shops with a diverse assortment. This product simply will not fit in small spaces, because the streets themselves, too, are transformed into shelves, including rare antiques snuёt delighted the audience. Plates, gramophones, a box with a black-and-white photographs (which are sold for a penny just yet at every corner) – a paradise for lovers of the same of any vintage stuff.

Kadıköy Antique district

Another storehouse for lovers of antiques and interesting things. Kadıköy is the oldest district of the Asian side of Istanbul, which affects the architecture. You can get to the Kadıköy ferry, which runs on the Bosphorus. Here you will find the real Istanbul, and with it an incredible number of specialized shops and stores with lots of all kinds of knick-knacks – French figures, mirrors, vases and a bunch of stuff. At Moda Avenue sell products with old gems. Outdoor Sakız area with antique shops and original furniture.  I don’t really think you’ll  take it with you from Istanbul, but you certainly need to go there just to admire.

Apparel & Accessories

If you have your own style of clothing (for example, funk, punk, dude, freak or just flirt), in Istanbul, there are many shops where you can find some new clothing. And we’ll tell you about them with pleasure


Address: Agahamami Sk. 13 / B, Cihangir (Sunday off)

One of the most chic of vintage stores in Çukurcuma. Mozk is a collection of women’s retro clothing. All products ofСтамбул_винтж3 very high quality (delivered mostly from Paris and London) and are perfectly combined with modern style, which is important. The prices are quite affordable items can be purchased from 70 to 150 TRL. Why do we still love Mozk, so it’s a huge selection of vintage accessories. Belts, bags, shoes, sunglasses perfectly complement the retro look. Well, if this is not enough to admire, in the basement of the store is a showroom with wonderful antique furniture, chandeliers and lamps.

By Retro

Address: Istiklal Cad. Suriye Pasajı 166 / C Beyoglu (open from 10:00 to 22:00)

Hidden in the basement Suriye Pasaji, the of secret chamber of Aladdin worth to be seen at least once. In this shop, there is a maze of all types of vintage clothing that you can imagine – from fashion and finishing the 70 authentic outfits times of the Ottoman Empire. What can you find here? Luxury dresses from the 80s, several rows of cowboy boots, leather jackets, vintage wedding dresses, tuxedos, and almost all kinds of shapes, worn during the Second World War. Not surprisingly, the clothes often take rent for the filming of various movies, shows and advertising. You can spend half a day just looking at everything. Despite the presence of a fairly rare instances, a lot of things at very affordable prices. Today By Retro is a leader among men vintage fashion shops. At a time when most of the shops do not particularly pay attention to men’s clothing is you can find a huge number of coats, shirts, ties, vests and butterflies. And we have not mentioned just a ton of accessories :)

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Address: Ağa Hamam Cad. 33 Beyoglu (closed on Sundays)

When the seller puts in front of you in the window ring, which 300 years, inlaid with diamonds, you literally breathless. Not only by the realization that this thing is a frame, but also on the incredible beauty. In general, if you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry, the store in Levanten Çukurcuma suitable for this purpose perfectly. It has a large collection of magnificent rings, necklaces, bracelets and watches. Remarkably, all of these things here, that is made of real gold, silver and precious stones. Frankly, you can get away with an empty purse, but acquired beauty is worth it.

My Pera 1960

Address: Altipatlar Sk 2 / A, Cihangir

The first thing you notice approaching this gem of a vintage shop, so bright, colorful dresses on the street. Developed in the wind and did beckon to look into the shop itself. This shop because of its very small size, can not be said about the range – it is simply a huge selection of retro blouses, skirts and, of course, most of those dresses that lured you here. Everything is done in a very gentle, feminine, such “sweety” style. In general, this is exactly like the girls. And do not miss the small hotel with a leather bag, sunglasses and earrings. Prices are very pleasant.

Pied de Poule

Address: Faik Paşa Yokuşu 19/1, Çukurcuma (closed on Sundays)

The owner of the store, sat Gyulketin, designer herself and picks up in his shop only the best models – really Стамбул_винатж2luxurious dresses and accessories. Celal craving for beautiful mother and grandmother instilled in things which are also sold here (for example, just incredibly beautiful emerald dress once belonged to the grandmother of the owner). To every thing there special otnoshenie- they carefully handled at the dry cleaners and are individually wrapped. It is through such careful attitude things look really luxurious. This also applies to bags and shoes. The cost of the dress will cost approximately 500 TRL

I hope our tips on vintage shops in Istanbul will be useful for you and you will find a really unique thing. Enjoy your search!

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