Grand Bazaar – a place where you lose the track of time


You’re already in Istanbul? Be sure to visit one of the largest covered markets in the world – the Grand Bazaar, Turkish Kapali Charshi! What you need to know in order not to get lost in the world of bright colors and glitter products made in Turkey?

Грандбазар1The Grand Bazaar is like a kind of city – with a lot of streets and intersections, which is located about 4000 stores! Get out of the labyrinth can be using any of the 18 gates surrounding the bazaar on the perimeter.
At the Grand Bazaar in the presence of the products as a factory, which is produced in certain regions of Turkey, there are also local hand made.

Several categories of goods that you’ll find the Grand Bazaar:

1. Leather products – outerwear and accessories. 

Great choice as classical styles and brands of high-quality copies. Outerwear predominantly of leather, furs are almost never found. But this is not surprising, because the winter in Turkey warm :)

2. Jewelry made of silver, gold and natural stones

Jewellery choose carefully – Inspect the product for chips, fragile bindings. Compare prices in different stores, as the same products are often repeated. Sometimes the price can not be fixed, and is calculated after the weighing of the product.

3. Scarves, shawls, stoles

Individual attention scarves. Such selection as the Grand Bazaar, you will not find in other shops in the streets of Гранд-базар11Istanbul. All kinds of colors, fabrics, styles – from classical to monochrome cashmere embroidered with gold thread oriental shawls. Prices also vary – from ten to hundreds of dollars.

4. Eastern dishes and Turkish lanterns

If you have plans to upgrade the interior, you should take a closer look to the eastern style – for example, Turkish lanterns will make your loggia the place for relaxation, and a colorful plate of ceramic or metal decorate the area for receiving guests.

5. Different souvenirs

You can buy the famous Turkish Nazar Bondzhuk amulet, the so-called “eye of the evil eye.” Its image is everywhere:ГрандБазар2 on the dishes, jewelery, cases for phones, key chains. Most often, such a talisman hang in the house or car. Also, if you are already imbued with the Turkish tea parties, purchase Mess – traditional cups of tea. Options for their design very much, there is a beautiful gift baskets. A female audience will like mirrors, decorated with flowers and bizarre birds of pearl and artificial stones.

  Vintage shops in Istanbul

If you are interested in buying clothes or shoes, the Grand Bazaar will not do. For this type of goods

I have to go to shopping malls, located in more remote from the center areas.

Useful tips:

1. Do not give up if the shopkeeper offers you some tea, it does not obligate you to purchase. Turks – very hospitable and talkative people. Show your respect in return!

2. Trades! :) This process – part of the Turkish culture and gives a kind of pleasure to its participants. Do not show your interest for specific goods, and immediately determine the value that you’re willing to pay for it but call a bit smaller amount. When the trades were held – you are obliged to purchase this item.

3. Do not be shy, ask for an extra discount if you buy several items at one store. Prices of the Grand Bazaar, originally overestimated compared with other shops in Istanbul.

4. Credit cards are not useful to the Grand Bazaar, this “ball” is ruled with liras and dollars.

5. Cheap products can be found on the street, located near the exit of the Grand Bazaar on the left side, near the walls of Istanbul University.

6. Do not miss a walk in the real bazaar, even if you do not plan to actively engage in shopping!

Getting to the Grand Bazaar can be blue-line tram T1 Bağılar-Kabataş, your stop is Beyazit.

Enjoy your shopping!

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