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The most striking sights of Istanbul. Istanbul Versailles


After touring the main attractions of Istanbul, I advise to go to the embankment Kabatas where one more legend of the Ottoman Empire is waiting for – white Dolmabahce Palace or Istanbul Versailles.

This is a real Versailles in the heart of Istanbul! Dolmabahce different from the medieval architecture of the Sultan Topkapi Palace, which you probably already saw. It was built in neo-baroque to the surprise and envy of the Europeans XVIII century. Dolmabahce Palace – one of the most striking sights of Istanbul. The lovely view of the Palace can be admired from the shore and from the Bosphorus Strait.

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Weather in Istanbul. In what season it is best to visit the city


Weather never affects mood and stay in Istanbul. Tested! However, each of the season in this city has its own characteristics, the knowledge of which will help to choose the best time to travel.

The romantics should pay their attention on April, because in this month in Istanbul hosts the annual Tulip Festival. The spectacle will amaze even the most experienced traveler – blooming and fragrant streets, parks, highways and ordinary backyard! Millions of tulips of different varieties bloom in the first days of April, delighting residents and tourists an incredible kaleidoscope of colors and smells.

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Vintage shops in Istanbul


If you are a mega-fan of antiques, or just crazy about all sorts of vintage stuff there are a huge number of shops in Istanbul, where you will feel just in seventh heaven. Moreover, how could it be otherwise in such a wonderful city, with an incredibly complex and interesting history, a town located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, many cultures has left their mark on the city.

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Top 10 best shopping centers in Istanbul. Part 1


The capital of Turkey is well known not only for its attractions, but for also shopping. It is located in Istanbul Grand Bazar world’s largest indoor market. But today we want to tell you is not about it, submit to your attention the information on the best shopping malls of this amazing, huge city. So, in this article we presetn Top 10 best shopping centers in Istanbul

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Shoe stores in Lviv


Through the centuries the fame of Lviv masters shoe business has reached to the present day. Footwear except convenience and comfort, has always been and is still one of the signs of status and affluence. Shoemaking tradition in Galicia have deep roots, and good masters are appreciated at all times. Some guides even say that Adidas began with the city. Dasler’s family in 1918, after the war, moved from the German town of Herzogenaurach Lviv. The family had a shop in the yard on the Kopernk street №20., which was produced slippers. Adolf Dasler (future founder of Adidas), being active and sporty boys started making “slippers for gymnastics,” and his brother Rudolf (later founder of Puma) engaged in their implementation. In the 30s the family returned to Germany. Truth or fiction is unknown, but in Lviv after the war did the family lived Dasler. They were the same or Dasler namesakes no one really can not answer.

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Legendary “Vernissage” – the market of handmade souvenirs and gifts


A walk in the center of Lviv, you can make not only pleasant, but also useful to visiting the Legendary “Vernissage” – the market of handmade souvenirs and gifts. This is where you can find interesting things for family and friends. The market is located near the Lviv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Solomiya Krushelnytska ; in front of the Maria Zankovetska Theatre.

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Top 5 Lviv cafes and pastry shops


You have heard a lot of times about the tasty, fragrant Lviv coffee, here you will find a countless number of coffee houses and the smell of coffee just hovering over the city. But not only for the coffee makes the people go to this city. The fame of Galician hostess, who prepared an incredibly delicious pastries flown almost half the world. Goodies from old recipes (which are sometimes more than 100 years), can still be enjoyed in the cafe of the city. Under the unique taste of each piece of the pie, cake or gourmet candies hiding the whole story, and carefully stored, sometimes, the secret recipe. Traditional Galician cuisine combines elements of Ukrainian, Polish, Austrian, Hungarian ievreyskoy. The pastries and desserts are widely used nuts, poppy seeds, apples, dried fruit, dairy products, coffee, chocolate, citrus fruits. Intrigued?  So, now will tell you where all this yummy to try- Top 5 Lviv cafes and pastry shops.

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Week-end in Lviv. What you have to know


Cultural Capital of Ukraine: the city where history and ancient architecture are closely intertwined with modern European culture and entertainment. A city where everyone will find something interesting and will want to come back. 

You are planning to spend week-end in Lviv and have some questions, the answers to which you would like to receive before you start to pack your bags and book the tickets? I will try to answer some of them.

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